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Boracay Latin Dance Festival

February 22-25, 2018 (THU, FRI, SAT, SUN)

Official Festival Hotel

COAST BORACAY is the Official Festival Hotel. (You can see some photos here)

For Reservations

Phone +632 576.4555 OR +63 36 288.2634.
Email reservations@coastboracay.com
is CoastBoracay.com.
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Flying To Boracay

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Most travelers fly into the Manila International Airport (MNL) and then take a connecting flight to a domestic Boracay airport: Caticlan (MPH) or Kalibo Airport (KLO).

Popular inter-Asia / domestic airlines that fly to Boracay are Philippine Airlines, Air Asia, Eva Air, Asiana and Tiger Air. * We advise using Cebu Pacific only as a last resort because their flights are notoriously unreliable.

TIPS for Travel:
#1 The trip to Boracay can be considered adventure travel. Local culture and weather can create many surprises and delays - so be prepared.
#2 Flights early in the morning (before 10am) are generally more reliable.
#3 Some international flights bypass Manila and fly direct to Kalibo Airport (KLO). For example, from Singapore (Tiger Air), Kuala Lumpur (Air Asia), Taiwan (Eva Air), Seoul (Asiana), also Bangkok and Japan.

#4 When planning your trip, keep these two things in mind:

1. Which domestic airport will you use: Kalibo (KLO) or Caticlan (MPH)?
2. Once you've landed at one of these airports, you need to arrange for transportation to the island.

More information below!!!

Which Domestic Airport: Caticlan or Kalibo?

Pros and Cons of choosing an Airport

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Caticlan is the preferred airport for Boracay. It is located right across the ocean channel from the island (see photo). But, Caticlan is a small airport next to the open ocean, so flights can be limited and weather can sometimes shutdown the airport. If there are problems at the Caticlan airport, flights are re-routed to Kalibo airport.

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The majority of travellers use Kalibo Airport. It is inland, less affected by weather, and the runway supports large international jumbo jets. Flights are cheaper, more numerous, and generally more reliable. The downside of Kalibo Airport - there is a 2 hour airport transfer to reach Boracay. (see photo). The airport transfer includes a car/bus ride to Caticlan, a boat across the ocean channel and finally a taxi to your hotel. Please see below for info on Airport Transfers.

Airport Transfers

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We recommend asking your hotel if they can arrange your airport transfer. For example, the official hotel Coast Boracay, provides complimentary airport transfers to Caticlan with an additional fee for Kalibo transfers. You can also arrange airport transfers upon arrival at the airport.

Southwest Tours
We recommend using Southwest Tours for your airport transfer *they will take you from the airport and deliver you directly to your hotel. They also take care of incidental fees & taxes and have people along the way to keep you going in the right direction. Southwest tickets may be purchased upon arrival at the airport look for the Southwest booth outside the airport. TIP: we recommend buying a round-trip Airport transfer at time of purchase. This can save you from scheduling headaches when departing Boracay.


KLO Kalibo to Hotel
- 2.5 Hours (door to door)
- includes 2-hour bus ride, 15-30 minute for boat, 15 minute ride to hotel

MPH Caticlan to Hotel
- 20-30 Minutes (door to door)
- includes 15 minutes for boat, 15 minutes island transport to hotel.

A Quick Tour of Boracay Island

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The center of activity in Boracay is White Beach which is divided into 3 stations. You can walk White Beach end to end in about 30-40 minutes. The Festival will be held at Coast Boracay in Station 2.

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Station 1 is the famous part of the beach with the softest white sand, higher end hotels and a less crowded beach.
Station 2 hosts the main nightlife of Boracay, there is a beach path surrounded by small shops, restaurants and hotels. You can also find several clubs and an outdoor mall call D'Mall.
Station 3 is a quieter part of the beach with inexpensive hotels.
Bulabog Beach is the beach for the the Balabag area of Boracay. It is on the opposite side of the island from White Beach. It is a rocky, windy beach known for windsurfing and kiteboarding. It hosts several inexpensive hotels as well as a community of of locals and adventure seekers. It is approximately a 5-10 minute walk to the other side of the island.
Other Beaches There are other beaches scattered around the island. These can be reached by hiring a motor bike or chartering a boat for some island hopping.

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