Arun Srinivasan

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Founder & Director, SALSA MADRAS
Organisor, Latin Festival Madras

Interview with Arun Srinivasan by Mumbai Salsa on 14th May 2015.

PROFILE of Arun Srinivasan

BIO: A science graduate from University of Edinburgh, turned into a salsa professional, Arun Started SALSA in September 2007 as a social dancer and now is one of the Internationally recognized afro and latin dancer, Instructor, trainer, choreographer and Promoter from India. He started teaching SALSA, 8 years back as a part time instructor and later headed the Lourd Vijay's Dance studio, Chennai till Feb 2014 and then started his own SALSA MADRAS from 1st March 2014.

EXPERIENCE: He has attended about 30 salsa festivals/congresses across India and World in the last 9 years and has been teaching/performing/competing/Dancing in other cities namely, Pondicherry, Goa, Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Delhi, Andaman, Kochi, etc and other countries viz. USA, Scotland, Thailand, Philippines, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Singapore, Hungary, Austria, UAE, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, etc.

PERFORMER/ARTIST: As a performer, be it solo or partner work, he has been a great entertainer, esp. known for his musicality, crazy footwork, body movements and clarity in technique. He has performed in various events and festival in more than 7 countries in Asia and US. He has competed in World Salsa Summit 2014, Miami and Hong Kong World Salsa Championships 2012 & 2014. By Winning All India and Asia championships in 2013, and 2014 respectively, he is not only one of the leading solo performers from Asia but also known for his couple performances with various artists across the world in salsa shines, Salsa couple, Bachata and kizomba.
Playlist for Performances - Click here

TEACHER/INSTRUCTOR: Teaching as one of his biggest passion, he teaches Salsa on 1, bachata, kizomba, rueda, afro, rumba, kuduro, partner work and shines and much more, with fun and no compromise on the technique. Many of his students are already teaching and performing and competing and are well known for their social dancing skills across the world. He has been teaching for more than 7 years now and has made 100s of wonderful dancers every year making Chennai one of the most sort after destinations for social dancing in India.
Playlist for Workshops - Click here

DANCING: Arun is one of the artists who is equally good and internationally acclaimed for SALSA, BACHATA, KIZOMBA or any of the afro Latin dancers, thereby making him one for favorite on the dance floor who stays on the socials from start till end dancing away all the songs. As a dancer, the biggest happiness lies in the partner's smile at the end of each song!
Playlist of Social Dancing - Click here

PIONEER - KIZOMBA: He is also one of the pioneering Kizomba Instructors in India and one of the leading promoters of Kizomba in Asia. He has already made Chennai the Kizomba Capital of India! He is also now teaching and promoting Kizomba in other cities and other countries through festivals and exclusive workshops. He is also known for pioneering Kizomba in many Indian cities viz. Chennai, Pondicherry, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Goa, Kochi and also have been teaching at other cities, viz., Mumbai, Delhi and other countries viz. (Colombo) Sri Lanka, (Bangkok) Thailand, (Ho Chi Minh city) Vietnam. He has also Choreographed and performed in India's first Kizomba Performance.

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Directed and performed the dance show by Twisters UK at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, showcasing different dances from all around the world

January - Attended the 1st Scottish Salsa Congress, Edinburgh
August - Attended the 4th India International Salsa congress, Bangalore hosted by LVDS

May - Organised and performed at the Spirit of Dance Festival, Chennai hosted by LVDS Chennai
August - Taught at the 5th India International Salsa congress, Bangalore hosted by LVDS
December - Organised performed at 3rd Chennai Salsa Festival, Chennai hosted by LVDS Chennai

March - Taught at Goa Salsa Festival, Goa hosted by LVDS
August - competed, taught and performed at the 6th India International Salsa congress, Bangalore hosted by LVDS
October - Salsa bootcamp, Port Blair, Andaman
December - Organised, performed and taught at 4th Chennai Salsa Festival, Chennai hosted by LVDS

Feb - competed in the pro salsa couple division with Minoti Ramachandra at the Hong Kong Salsa Festival/ 1st World Salsa Championship
March - competed and taught at Goa Salsa Festival, Goa, hosted by LVDS
April - Attended India Fiesta Latina, Delhi
June - Taught and performed at the International Dance Festival Pune, organised by Naach
July - Attended India International Dance Congress, Bangalore, hosted by LRDA
August - Taught, competed, performed at 7th India International Salsa Congress, Bangalore, hosted by LVDS
September - Performed at the Singapore International Salsa congress

Jan - Kolkata International Salsa Congress hosted by viva la Salsa, Kolkata
March - Taught at Goa Salsa Festival, Goa hosted by LVDS
April - Performed at India Fiesta Latina, Delhi
May - Organised Spirit of Dance Festival hosted by LVDS Chennai
July - Competed, Taught at India International Dance Congress, Bangalore hosted by LRDA
August - Kizomba Bootcamp in Pondicherry, with Katia Verreault hosted by Kash Dolma
November - Taught and performed at Manila Boracay Latin Dance Festival, Manila
December - Organised, Performed, competed and taught at 5th Chennai Salsa Festival hosted by LVDS, Chennai

Feb - competed at the Global salsa championship at the 2nd World Salsa Summit, Miami
Feb - competed, taught at the Hong kong salsa festival
April - Attended the India Fiesta Latina
April - Taught and performed at the Salsa pattaya tropicana vacation
April - Bachata workshop at Bangkok
June - organised and taught at the 1st Kizomba Pool party
June 28- Performed at Holiday Inn, Pattaya, organised by DJ Henry Knowles
June 29- Performed and held workshop organised by Salsa concept, Bangkok
June 30- held workshop in Bangkok organised by Island Touch
July - Taught and competed at the India International dance congress organised by John Anthony
July - Organised and taught at the 2nd Kizomba Pool party
August - Taught and performed at the 1st Hyderabad internaitonal dance congress organised by RSUDC and Rocky Poonawala, hyderabad
October - organised, and performed at the 1st Latin Festival Madras
November - Performed, taught and competed at the Manila Boracay Latin Dance festival organised by Ana palma
December - Organised and Taught at the 3rd Kizomba Pool party

Kizomba bootcamp at RSUDC, Hyderabad, Jan 26
Taught and performed at the Singapore International Latin Festival organised by En motion dance company, Jan 21 - Feb 1
Salsa open level workshop organised at Kochi, by Mamangam, Feb 14
Organised, taught at the SALSA MADRAS Kizomba Pool party, 4th edition, March 14
Organised the 1st Anniversary Party of SALSA MADRAS in Chennai, March 16th
Taught Kizomba and the Men's shines team performed at the 4th India Fiesta Latina, Delhi, INDIA, 10- 12 April
Performed at the 4th SALSA PATTAYA Tropicana Vacation, Pattaya, Thailand, 17-19 April
Bachata Workshop at BOM, hosted by Bangkok Touch at Beervault, Sukhumvit, Soi 15, Bangkok, 20th April
Bachata Workshop at La Rueda, invited by Sugar Cane, Sukhumvit 18, Bangkok, 21st April
Kizomba workshop at La Casita, Pondicherry, 1st May
5th Kizomba Pool Party, 4 PM til 9 PM, Taj Gateway, OMR, Chennai, INDIA, 30th May
Taught and Performed at the 1st Vietnam International Latin Fiesta, Ho Chi Minh City, 20-21 June
Bachata open level workshop at La Rueda, Sukhumvit Soi 11, Bangkok, 23rd June
Bachata Beginner Level 2 hour workshop, at La Rueda, Sukhumvit Soi 11, Bangkok, 24th June
Kizomba Level 1 bootcamp at Dance Central, Mumbai, 25 & 26 July
23 Aug: Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba performance at the 1st Anniversary Celebrations of Mamangam, Kochi, with Team Salsa Madras
29 & 30 Aug: Kizomba level 1 refresher course with Katia Verreault, Chennai
31 Aug: Kizomba Workshop with Katia Verreault, La Casita, Pondicherry
4 -6 September: Kizomba intensive bootcamp and salsa solo performance, Resort Rio, Goa, at the 1st Goa International Dance Congress, organised by RSchool.
10 September: Free Kizomba Workshop at the Latin Fusion nights at Indigo Bar, Koramangala, organised by DJ Vin
2 - 4 October : Organizor of the 2nd Latin Festival Madras , Chennai
7 November : Kizomba Intermeidate workshop, Salsa Bangkok Fiesta, at Windsor Suites, Bangkok, Thailand
7 & 8 November : 2 Shows of Salsa Solo , Salsa Bangkok Fiesta, at Windsor Suites Bangkok, Thailand
13-15 November: 8 hours Kontagious Kizomba Bootcamp, La Danza, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, Orgniased by Salsateka UK in Vietnam
15 November : Bachata Performance with Marta Bartosz, Poland, at Dancing with Stars event organised by Xsalsa, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
16 November: Bacahta workshop for beginners, Cuba - La Casa de la Salsa, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
21 November: Pachanga open level workshop, Manila Boracay Latin Dance Festival at Paradise Garden resort, Boracay, Philippines
22 November : Salsa Solo Performance, Manila Boracay Latin Dance Festival at Paradise Garden Resort, Boracay, Philippines
29 November : Bachata Beginner & Intermeidate workshops, Dance Blaze Studio, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
12-13 December : Salsa & Bachata Bootcamps, Mamangam KOCHI, India
19 December: Kizomba Beginners Bootcamp, CHENNAI, India
28 December : Salsa Workshop, Schoenfeld, AUSTRIA

6 January: 7 -8 PM: Bachata Improver, 8 -9 PM: Bachata Advanced, Tanzschule Conny & Dado, Graz, AUSTRIA
7 January: Salsa open level workshop, Thalia Latina, Graz, AUSTRIA
26 January: Afro & Latin Workshops (salsa, bachata, Kizomba) La Casita, PONDICHERRY
7 February: Improvers Kizomba boot camp, CHENNAI
11 February: Intro to Kizomba, Kalalaya, Colombo, SRI LANKA
12 February: Bachata Level 1 bootcamp, Amrillo Studio, Colombo, SRI LANKA
13 February: Salsa Level 1 & 2 , Amrillo Studio, Colombo, SRI LANKA
14 February: Kizomba Level 1 & 2, Amrillo Studio, Colombo, SRI LANKA
15 February: Bacahta Level 2, Amrillo Studio, Colombo, SRI LANKA
18 February: Kizomba Refresher, Amrillo Studio, Colombo, SRI LANKA
18 February: Kizomba Beginners, Kalalaya, Colombo, SRI LANKA
27 -28 February: organisor of SALSA MADRAS 2nd year anniversary celebrations
18 March: Kizomba workshop, Pattaya, THAILAND
19 March: Kizomba Bootcamp organised by Bangkok Touch, Bangkok, THAILAND
20 March: Pachanga Workshop by Salsa Concept, Bangkok, THAILAND
21 March: Bachata Workshop at BOM, AmBar, Four Point Sheraton, Bangkok THAILAND
24 March: Kizomba Open Level Workshop by SalsatekaUK in Vietnam, Cuba Casa Del Mojito, Ho Chi Minh city, VIETNAM
25 March: Salsa Bootcamp by SalsatekaUK in Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City, VIETNAM
26 March: Bachata & Kizomba-I Bootcamp by SalsatekaUK in Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City, VIETNAM
27 March: Kizomba-II Boot-camp by SalsatekaUK in Vietnam Ho Chi Minh City, VIETNAM
28 March: Merengue Open Level workshop, Ho Chi Minh City, VIETNAM
31 March: Bachata Open Level Workshop, Ho Chi Minh, VIETNAM
1 April: Judge, Jack & Jill Competition, Launch Party of Afro Latin Night, Hugos by Modesto, Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA
8 April: Salsa Madras Men's Shines performance at BAILAMOS 2016, Mumbai, INDIA
7 & 8 May: Kizomba Intensive, with Natalie Tatarinova, Russia and me, Chennai, INDIA
20 & 21 May: Bachata Workshops, SALSA SPLASH GRAZ Festival, AUSTRIA
20 May: Salsa Solo Performance, SALSA SPLASH GRAZ Festival, AUSTRIA
2 June: Salsa Open Level Workshop, Die Thalia, Graz, AUSTRIA
11 June: Salsa solo Performance, All in One Charity Ball, Graz, AUSTRIA
19 June: 4 hour Bachata Workshops, MyDance Vienna, AUSTRIA
25 - 26 Jun: Bachata & Salsa Special with Arun Srinivasan at Tanzschule Conny & Dado, Graz AUSTRIA
1 - 4 July: Attendee at the Croatia Summer Salsa Festvial, Rovinj, CROATIA
27 - 31 July: Artist & Performer at Afro Latin Invasion in Asia, Langkawi, MALAYSIA
25 Aug - 1 Sep: Afro & Latin Exploration II (Boot-camps in Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba), Colombo, SRI LANKA
23 - 25 September: (Organizer, Artist, performer), 3rd Latin Festival Madras 2016, Chennai INDIA
4 - 6 November: Instructor & Performer at Salsa Bangkok Fiesta, THAILAND
11-13 November: Any Body Can Dance boot-camps (Salsa, Kizomba), Ho Chi Minh city, VIETNAM
3 Dec: 3 hour Urbankiz Bootcamp, Chennai INDIA

Championships and Awards!
Winner, (with Gracielle an from US) Pro-Am Jack & Jill competition, Manila Boracay Latin Dance Festival 2015
Winner, Professional Salsa Solo mixed division, Asia Championship 2014
Winner (with Dotty from Hungary), Jack n Jill competition, Manila Boracay Latin Dance festival 2014)
#6, Salsa Solo open Men, HK world salsa championship 2014
Semi-finalist, Global Salsa championship, World Salsa Summit, Miami, 2014
Winner, Professional Salsa Solo mixed division, All India Salsa championship 2013
2nd Runner up, Professional salsa couple division (with Minoti Ramachandra), All India Salsa Championship 2012
Runner up, Salsa solo open, Goa salsa festival 2012
Runner up, Professional salsa couple division (with Minoti Ramachandra), all India Salsa Championship 2011